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Royal Star Numbers.


released May 5, 2012



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T H E | P O R T R A I T Albuquerque, New Mexico

23 | XXIII

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Track Name: Part I. Gaia (feat. John Luzietti of The Scarlet Ruse)
Part 1

They are the ones who brought forth the eons. Self aware, and conscious to the fact that they are the gods. From the stars we’re born, and one day go back. Collapse into one. They are the ones who give me life, pulling me in every direction. HUMANITY, MY GREATEST CREATION, THE CONSCIOUS MAN TAKES FORM BEFORE ME, MY CREATION. FUCK!! Royalty, what have I done?!? In my reality, will I ever escape what I have become?
This song is about the Earth being aware of the Royal Stars who watch over it, and Earth creating humanity. Earth creates humans, and gives us a conscience; a gift only reserved for the Royal Stars and the planets they create.
Track Name: Part II. Anthropos (feat. Jake Lang of Dead Hours)
Part 2

You have given them the knowledge, of the gods. You have given them the conscience of our own. You didn’t think of the consequence, they don’t know the meaning. They don’t know why. You’ve given this knowledge to the anthropomorphic infestation upon your surface. Together, you will suffer. YOU WILL SUFFER. All of their greed, all of their malice, all of the hate inside. Together you will suffer to a fate unknown.


This one is about the stars realizing what Earth has done, and pointing out the flaws in humanity. How we are unprepared for the gift of consciousness. The stars are turning their backs on Earth, and leaving it to an unknown fate along with all of humanity.
Track Name: Part III. Taurus (feat. Matt Sanchez of La Haine)
All Lyrics for Part 4 by Matt Sanchez of La Haine.
All vocals done by Matt Sanchez of La Haine and Dominic Ryan of THE|PORTRAIT.

Part 4.

Don't try to keep me close. After all, the stars fell. They Fall, after all, the stars, they fell.
You showed me nothing, you showed me nothing matters!
The ocean burns away, the sky crashes. You showed me nothing, you showed me nothing matters!
The ocean burns away, the sky crashes. You showed me nothing matters.
Track Name: Part IV. Leo (feat. Estevan Robles of Immortal Prophecy)
Part 4

We must come together, release our minds. I hear your cries, humanity, hear me. We have finally found a way out. Ascend to my being. In you lies the answer, the age old question of myth and meaning. The notions of truth. You know the answer. You’ve found the meaning. You have found yourself. Become one; abandon your false gods. Your symbiotic collective consciousness is the key. Turn your back on them. We’ll see a bright future tomorrow. The light will come. Your memories hold the key. Our existence is only inside your mind. See what’s inside, ascend to my time. Send your messengers, show them the way. Give me the essence of your being. ROYALTY! Shine upon me.


The finale is about Earth and royal star number 23 realizing that humanity is the key to the universe, and that we were the perfect creation. Earth needs us, and we need it. Together, there is a point to the universe.